Corbyn Helped Good Friday Agreement

The basic technique is to create a lie and preserve the lie until it becomes a reality. This technique was first practiced with great success and developed by Freud`s nephew, Edward Bernays, whose transformation of propaganda into what is called public relations euphemism. He convinced many women that smoking a carcinogen was a stand of freedom. In fact, he used the mantra “torch of freedom. Goebbels openly admitted that he had learned a lot from this American pr-relations guru, which is why he quoted him when he used a simple mantra as a means of lying and that it was constantly through the use of newspapers, radio and what was revolutionary at the time, film to convince the masses of this lie. In addition, Karl Rove, Bush`s former chief of staff in the White House, after the invasion of Iraq on the basis of a lie, said that weapons of mass destruction create a new reality and that if people understand it, they will create another. The most successful propaganda, brainwashing techniques are often the simplest. Bernays knew it, Rove knew it, as today`s propagandists know, but apparently you don`t know! Unfortunately, it is not just the FTPS or proportional representation, but the fact that there are not enough people who read wide enough and take the time to follow the political debates. Sinn Fein is still a minority and most people, whether in Eire or most of the Western world still access, which is considered the “news” of MSM or its state broadcasters. Certainly, the Internet has helped a lot, otherwise we would not have access to sites like Skwawkbox. However, it is only the minority that does it and until a turning point is reached what is happening in France, but you wouldn`t really know that if you rely only on the British MSM more state broadcaster.

That is why 40 years of neoliberalism have been swallowed up by the masses! Anthony, please delete your embarrassing and innacurate article now that you have shown that wrong. You can keep talking about comics, because that`s what you do well. He has done it several times. It`s high time you used your famous “research skills.” It is not a good thing to falsely accuse others of lying with zero evidence. Corbyn voted against and opposed Parliament: “We believe that the agreement strengthens the border between the six and 26 counties rather than weakens it, and those of us who want a united Ireland are the reasons opposed to the agreement.” Do you feel that the conservative agreement and the alliance with the DUP are undermining the Good Friday agreement? As chairman of the Labour Party, Mr Corbyn has been more cautious on the Irish issue. Thursday`s visit to Belfast was his first since his election in 2015. The visit was preceded by a press outrage now known, after his spokesman confirmed that Mr Corbyn continued to support the Irish agreement while stressing that he was doing so as part of the 1998 agreement.