Usb-If Trademark License Agreement

The transmitter is notified if the agreement is executed by the USB-IF. On that date, your company will have access to the logo art files that will be published on this website. If a product from your company is added to the list of USB-IF integrators, the sender is informed of your company`s right to use the USB-IF logo corresponding with that product. A manufacturer`s ID is required to obtain USB-IF compliance certification. USB-IF is responsible for issuing USB manufacturers to product manufacturers. The cost of issuing this issue is $5,000 per year. In addition, the use of a protected USB logo to identify certified devices requires a fee of $3,500 for a two-year period. [6] Some microcontroller manufacturers offer a free or economical sublicensing of their supplier ID for development/testing and limited production (usually less than 10,000 units). The providers that offer this free service are: The Universal Serial Bus (USB) specification defines the product design objectives at the interface and mechanism level. In order to complete the specifications and allow the measurement of compliance in real products, USB-IF has put in place a compliance program that offers appropriate acceptability criteria. The compliance program uses multiple test specifications as well as a test identifier (IDT) to track and define the test criteria used to evaluate a product. Products that pass this level of acceptance are USB-IF certified and are included in the integrator`s list and have the right to license USB-IF logos. The list of the integrator is available here.

For more information on USB-IF logos, please visit the Logo Licensing Information page. The license agreement must be signed by a duly authorized representative of your company and sent to the USB Implementation Forum, Inc. to access logo art files and to have the right to use logos on products that pass USB-IF compliance tests. For non-USB-IF members, a $3,500 logo administration fee is charged, to be submitted with the signed contract and a vendor ID form if your company does not yet have a VID. The fee is waived for USB-IF members. Please note that there are 3 areas of the agreement that need to be concluded. Information is needed on page 1, the first paragraph of page 1 and page 8 of the agreement. 2. Become a USB-IF licensee for non-members.

Logo licensees are allowed to use the USB logo in conjunction with products that pass USB-IF compliance tests. In addition, you must also acquire a lender ID if it has not previously been assigned to your business. The fee is $3,500 for a two-year term (this fee is given to USB-IF members). Click on the link to download the documents below to become a logo holder. If you want to purchase a credit identifier without signing the logo license agreement, the cost of this purchase is $6,000. If you do not execute the logo license agreement, you are not allowed to use the USB logo in relation to your products, regardless of the test status. To seize this opportunity, USB products must continue to improve the consumer experience through quality and ease of use. That`s why USB Implementers Forum, Inc. has introduced brand-protected logos for use with qualified products.

To qualify for the right to display the certified USB logo associated with a product, the product must pass USB-IF compliance tests on product quality. Please send the original license agreement signed with payment if applicable to the following address: USB-IF continues to advertise certified USB logos from retail buyers and PC OEMs. Don`t miss the opportunity! Now use certified USB logos on all USB products. In addition, there are a number of white paper that contain additional background information on testing techniques. These documents can help understand how to meet certification requirements, but do not accurately describe the testing requirements of the USB-IF compliance program.