red hookIf it is August in New York, it must mean a whole new year of freshmen are descending on the city colleges.  Jenny Traylor is one of them, and she has moved here against her mother’s wishes, because her mom doesn’t realize it’s not 1978 anymore and NYC has become so safe it’s almost boring.

During Jenny’s Welcome Week at college, she gets invited to take part in the annual scavenger hunt, and the rules are simple: a clue gets sent to your cell phone, and you race to take your photo with the answer and text it back to receive the next clue.

But something is up. Someone is changing the rules and sending Jenny’s friends across the city and picking them off one by one.

Will Jenny be able to save them?  Will she want to? Don’t turn off your cell phones … because the hunt is on.


Red Hook – Movie Trailervia Metacafe

Red Hook – Movie Stills from RedSandMedia on Vimeo.